Evald Programme

Last changed: 29 March 2022

Program evaluations are part of SLU's quality system for education at the undergraduate and advanced level.

The program evaluation shall be carried out at the end of the program and shall supplement, not repeat other surveys such as; course evaluations, study social survey, alumni follow-up.

The program evaluations are primarily a tool for PSR and assistant PSR.

Purpose of the program evaluation

  • Capture students' perception at the end of their education
  • satisfaction, overall impression
  • common thread, context
  • progression, development / deepening
  • Basis for self-evaluation before the quality dialogues
  • Important for the program committee (PN) and program study director (PSR) in the first place

The valuation

  • A dozen standardized questions are given to students in all SLU's programs. Provides the opportunity to compare programs with each other and between different years.
  • You can add five custom, program-specific questions.
  • PSR is responsible for the evaluation and its implementation, as part of the follow-up at program level.
  • PSR chooses when the program evaluation is to be opened. The opening date will be the date of the event, and the valuation will be open for three weeks when it closes automatically.
  • The assessment is given in the language in which the program is given according to Ladok (Swedish or English).
  • The students' authority to respond to a certain score is obtained directly from Ladok based on the student's program connection to a program opportunity. Students with study breaks must respond to the program evaluation of the batch of programs with which they complete the program studies.
  • PSR can manually add students to the rating if they should respond but are not eligible.
  • PSR can provide comments on the valuation in a free text box which is then displayed in the compilation generated for a PDF file.

The students answer their valuation here



Create Valuation

When you have logged in to Evald programme, you will see program opportunities for the programs you are authorized for.

The program occasions that already have a created valuation have a small blue circle next to the program code. If you click on those opportunities, you will enter the valuation.

If there is no created valuation, you will be asked if you want to create one.

At the top of each valuation, basic information is displayed at the moment so that you know you are in the right program & opportunity.

The administrator completely decides when the valuation is to be carried out. It is possible to change the opening date of the valuation, but once the valuation has been opened, the date can no longer be changed. Closing date is automatically set three weeks after the opening date.

Here you also see

  • How many students responded to the evaluation.
  • How many students are admitted.
  • How many students are added manually.
  • Response rate for the valuation.


This lists all people who have the authority to create and edit the program's values.

Only IT support can remove and add administrators.

Additional own questions

You can add five custom, program-specific questions to each evaluation.

When you click on "Create question", you will see a field for writing the question. Remember to write in the language in which the program is given.

You also select the desired question type for the question.

Review Evald

Here you see what the evaluation will look like for the students when they answer it.


All students on the program are listed here.

If students who should answer the valuation are missing from the list, you can add them manually by clicking the "Add student" button.

Evaluation report event

Here you can get a snapshot of the valuation results. Can be used if you have gathered the students to go through the results. No free text comments are displayed here.

However, it is important to remember that students can go in and change their answers as long as the evaluation is open.

Director of studies comments

Here, as a PSR, you can give Public comments on the valuation which is then displayed in the compilation generated for a PDF file.

It is also possible to write internal comments. These will never be shown publicly but are for internal use only.

Valuation report

Here is a summary of all final answers after the valuation has closed.

Here you can also create a pdf with the compilation.


Servicedesk helps you with everything about the evaluation system Evald Programme. 

You reach Servicedesk via extension 6600 or support@slu.se.