Quality and development work

Last changed: 19 April 2023

SLU strives to provide high-quality programmes and courses. This is this important for the students, but also for society as a whole and future research. Quality work for undergraduate, Master’s and doctoral education is implemented at all levels within SLU and represents a joint concern for all our staff members and students.

Quality work within SLU’s courses and programmes

The systematic quality work within SLU’s undergraduate, Master’s and doctoral courses and programmes is outlined in the framework for the quality assurance of courses and study programmes at SLU.

The quality work is based on regulations, the university’s strategic objectives as well as the expectations of students, teachers and the surrounding community that courses and programmes be of a high quality. The systematic quality work at SLU aims to support a culture of shared definitions of good quality as a starting point in all work related to teaching and developing support and control systems. The quality work is based on SLU’s core values.

The Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) reviews the quality of higher education at a national level. Four different reviews constitute the national system for quality assurance. During 2019, SLU’s quality assurance work will be evaluated.

Quality assurance work in 2017

In 2017, SLU is running a project to implement systematic quality work, focusing on quality dialogues between the Board of Education and the programme boards (for undergraduate and Master’s programmes) as well as between the vice-chancellor and the faculty boards (for doctoral programmes). During the spring of 2017, a dialogue structure and templates for the supporting documents that need to be submitted was established. The dialogues will be conducted in September–October. An evaluation of the pilot round will be carried out in November. As of 2018, the system will start running.