Student recruitment

Last changed: 13 December 2019

SLU’s student recruitment activities are diverse and cover a broad spectrum. Using a long-term plan of action, the student recruiting team works strategically, as well as operatively with everything from advertising and events to attending education fairs and producing profile products.

Here is more information about our Marketing Activities and our Education Fairs

Here you can order our International prospectus in print.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

You can also contact us on the following e-mail addresses:

Agnes Bondesson, Marketing Officer, 018-67 15 83, 0730-78 16 17

Hanna Bäckström, Head of Unit at the Division of Communication; External communication and marketing 
hanna.backstrom@slu.se018-673501, 072-5149906

Lotta Albihn, Marketing Officer, 018-67 1465, 072-2439142

Vaike Raag, Marketing Officer
vaike.raag@slu.se018-67 1519, 072-2348904

Elin Helgsten, Marketing Officer, 018-67 1573, 072-5433297

Helena Holmquist, Marketing Officer 018-671065, 073-0463012

Gabrielle Björk, Marketing Officer
gabrielle.bjork@slu.se090-7868278, 073-0287893

Patricia Lundberg, Marketing Officer
patricia.lundberg@slu.se040-415345, 073-0217678

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