Marketing activities

Last changed: 16 August 2023
Student communicators look smilingly up from SLU's exhibition stand. Photo.

The majority of all the activities controlled by the Student Recruitment group are done in correlation to SLU’s programme application period.


Educational fairs are great places for meeting prospective students and share information and experiences. A fair is an important forum and an opportunity to ask questions. It also gives SLU the chance to meet prospective students, their friends, relatives and teachers.

Shadowing a Student (Bachelor's programmes)

To give prospective students an opportunity to experience SLU on a more personal level, the Student Recruitment group is running a project where interested, prospective students can meet and talk with students and teachers at campus, by attending lectures, a seminar or lab - simply to experience what it is like to be a student at SLU for one day.


What´s it like to study at SLU? Our international buddies can answer questions regarding their own programme, the application process and student life, all based on their personal experience.

International Advertisement - online

For international recruitment in Europe, the Student Recruitment group has chosen to appear on and, and on the platform Unibuddy. Each program or course is usually presented with all the information needed to compare different programs to each other: prerequisites, programme scope, costs etc.

Swedish Advertisement - online

In Sweden, SLU has chosen to appear on the most visited sites that are and Each program or course is usually presented with all the information needed to compare different programs to each other: prerequisites, programme scope, costs etc.

Print Advertisement

Prospective students' media habits, the difficulty of measuring the impact of print and so on must be taken into consideration. At the Student recruitment we have in recent years almost laid of our efforts in print advertising.

Open House 

Open house is an activity carried out on all the SLU study locations. For the prospective student it is an opportunity for in-depth discussion and a chance to get answers to many detailed questions.

Google Adwords

Google's ad system is known as AdWords and is a so-called pay-per-click programme which means we only pay every time someone clicks on our particular ad. It can be compared to other Internet advertising where you usually pay for the number of times the ad is shown whether clicked or not. SLU buy exposure on Google to reach out to the one who is looking for what we offer.


SLU has two official Facebook pages, one in Swedish and one in English. The Facebook pages is a way for SLU to have a two-way communication with students and prospective students.


SLU has three official Instagram-accounts. One account run by the division of Communicaiton slu.sweden, and two accounts where students mostly update the content slu.student and study@slu, more targeted at students and prospective students.


With a very high daily number of visitors on this becomes an important tool in the recruitment process. In all personal meetings and all the information distributed, we refer to our web site and all information found there.