On-campus written exams SLU Umeå

Last changed: 29 November 2023

A step-by-step guide to on-campus written exam process.
(NB: Does not apply for Inspera on-campus e-examinations)

This guide explains the framework in place for examination sessions that ensures the process runs as smoothly and fairly as possible. Each of the headings can be expanded to show more details about each step.

The examination processes at SLU and Umeå University are essentially the same, and we work to ensure a uniform workflow throughout our campuses. If you have any general questions that have not been answered here, you can contact the Exam Services via: tentamen@slu.se

1. Submit your request by the deadline using Umeå University’s Time Edit Exam

Contact your department’s education administrator or equivalent for help with submitting an exam request in Time Edit Exam. Use the Appendix for ordering examinations and email the requester to collect all the necessary information for an order. If the department does not have a requester, contact tentamen@slu.se with the order requests.

Requests stating the date and time of the exam must be submitted and saved in Time Edit Exam by the following deadlines:

15 May: Autumn semester examinations and August resits. Confirmed by midsummer.

15 November: Bookings for the spring semester and summer period. Confirmed in middle of December.

Resits and exams can be ordered after these dates. The request must always be registered in Time Edit Exam no later than 20 working days before the examination session.


  • Umeå University will not book any external examinations during busy periods.
  • THREE dates must be included in the request.  
  • SLU will not process combined bookings for general resit periods. One request per exam must be submitted to Umeå University.

2. Request confirmation

A request has been booked if it is visible on Umeå University’s examination timetable viewer. Check the room, date and times.

The requester is to note any changes to their request in the Time Edit Exam field for Administration information. In this field the requester can communicate with Exam Service at Umeå University.

3. Create an activity session in Ladok

You will need to create an activity session in Ladok once your exam date has been confirmed in Umeå University’s examination timetable viewer. Make sure to choose the right type of exam, e.g., whether the exam is a resit or not.

SLU students must always register for exams. The activity session deadline in Ladok must be 10 working days before the exam date. No students may be added once the examination session has closed.

If the number of registered students is different to the planned number, the requester must correct this information in Time Edit Exam. Note the correct number of students in the administrator information field no later than five days before the examination session. This is to ensure that the invoice is sent for the correct number of students. Please note that an increased number of students can only be accommodated for if space is available. If the request is approved, the new total will be visible on Umeå University’s examination timetable viewer.

4. Study support for students with disabilities

Information about any students who have been granted study support must be submitted using the form for aids at Umeå University no later than 9 days before the exam session.

If students will be using computers as part of their study support, a minimum of one USB stick must be prepared containing a Word document of the examination. This must be handed over together with a printed copy of the exam.

Confirmation of notification of study support for students with disabilities will be emailed to the person who submitted the request. Students will be in the same room as the other students.

5. Anonymisation codes

Anonymisation codes must be used with on-campus written exams. Write the code on Appendix_Code sheet Umu and attach it to the first page of each exam paper.

6. Print an entrance list, complete the exam information form and prepare the material for submission

Print an entrance list with the names of students who have registered for the activity session via Ladok, see Appendix_Attendance list SLU Umu.  

Complete Appendix_Exam information SLU Umu. Print one copy of the examination information per booked room.

Put these in a folder or box together with the entrance list, the correct number of printed exam papers plus one extra copy per room. Include a print out of the entrance list, any aids, and a USB stick.

7. Providing the exam materials

Exam materials must be submitted to TS Umeå, Östra Paviljongen by 12:00, two working days before the date of the exam.

8. Collecting exam materials

The completed exam papers, any other materials submitted and code lists can be picked up from TS Umeå University, Östra Paviljongen, two hours after the end of the exam at the earliest.

You must show a valid form of ID when you collect the exam papers and/or code list.


General questions about the procedures and guidelines for on-campus written exams: Exam services team SLU Uppsala: tentamen@slu.se, +46 18 67 29 00