Procedures and contacts at the S-faculty

Last changed: 30 August 2019

Chair person of the doctoral education committee (FUN-S):
Professor Göran Ståhl. Phone: 090-786 84 59, 070-661 82 16

Faculty directors of doctoral education:

Göran Spong, Department of Wildlife, Fish and Environmental Studies
Petra Fransson
, Department of Forest Mycology and Pathology

Administrator at the faculty office:
Charlotta Bergström, Skogsmarksgränd 1, 901 83 Umeå, phone: 090-7868149, Secretary of the doctoral education committee.


Contact persons at the departments

Members of the doctoral education committee at the S Faculty (FUN-S)

  • Göran Ståhl, chair
  • Charlotta Bergström, secretary
  • Mona Nordström-Högberg, vice chair
  • Göran Spong, member
  • Magnus Löf, member
  • Klara Joelsson, doctoral student representative
  • Julia Carlsson, doctoral student representative

Information on prolongation

Different tasks (for example teaching or union work) will make the doctoral student entitled to prolongation of the doctoral study time. If you have any questions about the routines for this at faculty level, please contact Eva Andersson at the S faculty office. If you have any questions about these issues at departmental level, contact your contact person for doctoral education at your department or your head of department.

For information on prolongation at central SLU-level, please contact Lotta Hansson.