Welcoming new students autumn 2020

Last changed: 18 September 2020

This page will be continually updated with information on the welcoming of new students for the 2020 autumn semester.

Autumn welcome events

31 August – Roll-call

Adapted welcome day for the 2020 autumn semester

To welcome our new programme students on campus despite corona-related restrictions, we need to adapt the welcome day. On 31 August, only welcome activities will be allowed on campus. All teaching on this day must take place online.

Each programme with welcome activities on campus will be assigned a time slot to limit the number of students on campus. The joint welcome that usually takes place in the assembly hall will be pre-recorded in mid-August. You will start your programme-specific welcome by playing the film clip to welcome new SLU students. The film clip is about 30 minutes long:

Students who belong to an at-risk group or who are unwell

For students who belong to an at-risk group or who have mild symptoms and therefore should not be present on campus, a digital solution is needed. AV Support are currently looking at options for rooms that lack videoconferencing equipment. If no 

suitable technical solution can be found, as programme directors of studies you will have to organise a separate welcome on Zoom for these students.

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