Degree project (independent project)

Last changed: 31 May 2016

The degree project (or independent project) is an important part of a student's education. All degree programmes include at least one degree project, while long programmes require two degree projects to be completed.

The objectives of the degree project must be formulated in line with the requirements for the relevant degree. Students indicate in their work plans how the degree project will fulfil the objectives and requirements associated with their intended degree.

Degree projects at SLU must be handled in accordance with the same procedures and responsibilities as other higher education. Degree projects are different to other courses, however, as described here and in related documents.

Suggest a subject for degree projects

As a teacher, you can also suggest subjects for degree projects in SLU CareerGate.

Guidelines for degree projects

The student can write their essay/report for their degree project in Swedish or in English, as indicated in the course syllabus. The entry requirements must be adapted to the language(s) in which the project is to be done.

The student is primarily responsible for the completion of the degree project and SLU has a responsibility to create good conditions to help them carry out the project. Each student must have a supervisor for their project. The supervisor and the examiner cannot be the same person.

At Bachelor's level (first cycle), the degree project can ideally be carried out together by small groups, although the input into the project must be reported and assessed individually.

All degree projects will be checked for plagiarism (in Urkund) before being approved and subsequently published in SLU's electronic archive for student projects (Epsilon).

A degree project can only be classified in one main field of study; dual classification is never permitted.



Degree project or independent project?

SLU uses the Swedish terms examensarbete and självständigt arbete as synonyms. Reference is also made to kandidatarbete and masteruppsats

In English the terms degree project or independent project are used. The term master's thesis can be used for degree projects (independent projects) at Master's level (second cycle) worth at least 30 credits.