International students

Last changed: 12 May 2024

SLU annually receives about 500 students with a foreign background. These students are primarily master's students, who are applying to SLU through, and exchange students, who apply to the university through the Division of Educational Affairs. Here is some information about the different international students we have at SLU.

Exchange students

Exchange students are the students that come to SLU via a cooperation agreement such as Erasmus Mundus, Erasmus or Nordplus. Exchange students are considered equal to all students that are admitted to SLU programmes but their applications are administered in a different process.  

Other international students

Other international students (students in programmes and so called free movers, students on individual courses) apply to SLU as Swedish students using

Students that apply to SLU either to a programme or to an individual course, apply at Most international students either study a full master programme or individual courses at SLU. Students taking individual courses are often called free movers.

For information about application deadlines and other information to students, visit the education pages on the SLU external web.

Erasmus internship

Students who would like to do an internship at SLU should first contact the department at SLU. Then their Erasmus Coordinator at their home university needs to approve the internship.

The students receive the scholarship through their home university.

Erasmus Internship must be arranged in direct contact with the host department or research group at SLU. The Division of Educational Affairs cannot help students to find a relevant professor or researcher.  

The Division of Educational Affairs does not provide any service for students doing an internship. It is the students' responsibility to contact the department of their interest. It is then up to the department to determine if they can receive them or not.

It is not permitted for the student to take courses and do an internship at the same time due to the rules of the European Commission. Doing an internship does not give him/her any credits nor can the student register as a student of SLU during the time of the internship. It is up to the department to help the student find accommodation and to take care of an insurance. The intern is covered by the insurance for visitors at SLU, as long as there is an agreement between the supervisor and the intern.

Veterinary students

Veterinary students that wish to do a clinical practice have to contact their coordinator at the home university. If SLU has an exchange agreement with the home university the student can apply as an exchange student.  

If you as a SLU staff member feel uncertain which category a student belongs to, contact the Division of Educational Affairs for support.