Grading system

Last changed: 06 February 2023

By decision by the vice-chancellor/board of education:

  • Internal regulations for grading systems and the competence requirements and authority of examiners
  • General rules and guidelines for examination and grading
  • Who is to be appointed examiner for each individual course.

By decision of the examiner:

  • the grading criteria for each course
  • the grades of each individual student

SLU's students are graded according to a four-point scale, or a two-point scale if there is a decision on exemption for a specific course or a specific programme. (Does not apply to incoming exchange students studying at SLU under an exchange agreement). The grading system F-3-4-5 will be used (or F-P in the case of a two-point scale)

There will normally be one (1) examiner for each course. However, degree projects (independent projects) may have several examiners for each course. The course web page (or equivalent) will indicate the examiner for each course.

The examiner is responsible for ensuring that the course content and level complies with the specified course syllabus. The examiner determines the grading criteria and is responsible for assessing the performance of the students. The examiner makes grading decisions (signs off documentation to Ladok). Other teachers may be involved in the examination, in line with the examiner's instructions, but it is the examiner who has ultimate responsibility for the examination and who makes the decisions on grades.

Prior to each course, all the requirements for passing the course must be made clear. Grading criteria must be available no later than the start of the course.


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