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Last changed: 05 March 2024
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Here you can read about TimeEdit and how the system works.

TimeEdit is SLU's system for digital schedule, service and course planning, order management, venue booking, scheduling and exam management. The system consists of a number of different parts, modules. Each part has its function and which module you use depends on what you are doing.

Before each semester, teachers submit their times for lectures, labs, etc. via TE Preferences to the room reservation, which then assigns rooms via TE Core.

Correspondingly, Exam Service plans which exams are to be held in which premises and assigns exam invigilators where needed via TE Exam. Course schedules can then be viewed in the TE Viewer.

There are departments that schedule the staff's various tasks via TE Core. The personal schedule can then be linked directly to Outlook and the mobile's calendar.

Reservations for group rooms, equipment, defenses and also times in Syltahallen, Ultuna are made via TE Reserve.

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