About MoveOn

Last changed: 02 March 2023
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Here you can read about MoveOn and how the system works.


MoveON's different parts

Partner Management

  • Administrators can manage international partnerships, collaborations, projects and agreements.
  • We can choose to display agreements and collaborations on the web.
  • You can link exchange opportunities and exchanges to a certain collaboration.

Student Mobility

  • Administrators can manage all types of mobility, such as study abroad programs, exchanges and internships, both incoming and outgoing students.
  • Web-based application forms, with attached documents.
  • Students can upload trip reports.

Academic Mobility

  • Similar to students.

Finance Management

  • Manage financial activities linked to a collaboration or agreement.

Different types of statistics can be easily extracted from the system.

If you want to read more about MoveON, you can do so on QS Unisolution's website.

MoveOn Support


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