Ladok reading list

Last changed: 06 July 2023

The reading lists for SLU's courses move into Ladok.

The lists that were previously in Slunik are now created and edited entirely in Ladok. As before, the lists are displayed on the course homepage on the web.

  • The lists must be decided in Ladok to be displayed on the web.
  • The reading list have a "valid from date". It controls which list is displayed at the time of the course.
  • In Ladok, the list is available in both Swedish and English. They are displayed in the language the webpage is displayed. If a list is not created in the language of the course page, the second language is displayed. For example, if you are on the English web but there is no list in English, the Swedish list is displayed instead.

Authorisation to Ladok

To manage reading lists, you need to order an Authorisation profile in Ladok.

If the course already has a reading list in Slunik?

Already created lists are displayed in Slunik but can no longer be edited. In Slunik you can copy the text, paste it into Ladok and there make changes. The new text will replace the text from Slunik on the course homepage.

Create Reading list in Ladok

  • Go to”Course information”
  • Click on”Course, First-cycle” or ”Course Second-cycledepending on which course you want to add a reading list on
  • Make a click on”Name” on the course, the blue link

  • Click on ”Reading list”

  • Fill in which semester / period the Reading list is valid from.
    You can enter the year in the field if it is missing in the drop-down list. Then the semesters and periods of what you have filled in are displayed.

  • Click on “Save”.
  • Fill in the Reading list under "Not decided" - the big box.
  • Click in the big box to start entering text on which literatureapplies. You can paste information from ex. Word.
  • The box to "Show fields for English text" can be selected if you wantto fill in information in english. Keep in mind that information shouldalso be displayed for those who choose to apply for English courseson the web.

  • Fill in”Decision-maker” and ”Decision date”.

  • Click on”Decide”.
  • The Reading list is now Complete and can be printedin English or Swedish.

  • The Reading list is complete.
    If you must do any changes click on ”Create new edition”.
    You can also Annul" a Reading list