Evald Connections

Last changed: 16 March 2023
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Evald's connections to other SLU systems are described here.


  • Evald retrieves course instances from Ladok and creates course evaluations based on these. The course evaluation is created 1 month before the course starts
  • The people who are entered as course leader, administrator and examiner at the course instance in Ladok automatically receive administrator authorization in Evald. The transfer takes place every 15 minutes between 8-20

Course pages on the web

When the evaluation is completed, the result is displayed on the course page. These do not contain free text answers or connections to people. The course leader's and student representative's comments are displayed.


Public data from the evaluation (not free text answers or connections to person) are available to the management system LINS when the evaluation is completed. In LINS you can create reports.


The result from the evaluation is automatically archived in SLU's archiving system. The archiving will take place twice a year, on 30 June and 31 December 

Evald Support

Servicedesk helps you with everything about the course evaluation system Evald. 

You reach Servicedesk via extension 6600 or support@slu.se.


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