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Last changed: 05 March 2024
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Here you can read about Evald and how the system works.

Course evaluations always contain compulsory standard questions. Teachers can add their own questions in Evald before the evaluation open to the students, one week before the course is concluded. The students have three weeks to submit their evaluation.  

Once the evaluation is open, a link will be emailed to the students via the system. The students can also access evaluations from “My courses” and the course pages on the student web. The course pages also contain a compilation of the course evaluations.

  • The course evaluation is created and available to the course leader 1 month before the course starts.
  • Before opening the evaluation, the opening and closing dates can be changed by the course leader, otherwise the course evaluation opens automatically one week before the course ends and closes two weeks after the course ends.
  • Course leaders have the opportunity to add their own questions before the assessment is opened, a maximum of 20 own questions.
  • An automatic reminder to add your own questions is sent to course leaders two weeks before the course evaluation opens.


  • The students' answers are anonymous. The system does not show who answered what.
  • Students can change their answers as many times as they wish until the evaluation closes.
  • The course coordinator has access to the course evaluations four weeks before the course starts.
  • Course evaluations are automatically open to students one week before the course ends. Students have access to them for three weeks.
  • It is possible for teachers to add their own questions – 20 at the most – before the evaluation is opened by Evald.
  • An automatic reminder to add their own questions will be sent to the course coordinators two weeks before the course evaluation is opened.
  • An automatic reminder will be sent to the students one week before the evaluation closes and two days before it closes.
  • The standard questions will automatically be written in the course language, both for administrators and students.
  • To the administrators, Evald will be displayed in the language of instruction.
  • The comments field is open a month after the evaluation has concluded. The comments will then be published automatically on the course page. This applies to both course coordinators and student representatives.


Automatically archive the course evaluation report

The department responsible for the course has today the task to archive the report of the evaluation. This will now be done automatically and digitally via Evald, the department doesn’t have to do anything.

When will the automatically archiving of the evaluation report occur?
This will be done twice a year, on June 30 and December 31.

Course evaluations that has been summarized in the spring, by June 30, will be archived on December 31. And in the autumn, by December 31, will be archived on June 30.

What happens in Evald when the evaluation has been archived?
When the evaluation has been archived it will be locked for further editing. It will no longer be possible to add the comments from the course leader and the student representative. This is why the archive process will be 6 months after the evaluation has been summarized.

Example of the message when an evaluation has been archived

This means that on January 2, 2019, all the evaluations that has been summarized June 30, 2018, or earlier will be locked for editing.

Evald Support

Servicedesk helps you with everything about the course evaluation system Evald. 

You reach Servicedesk via extension 6600 or support@slu.se.


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