Program Day 2: 20 augusti

Last changed: 22 June 2021

Location: zoom

Links to the seminars will be sent out to all registered on August 17.


Presentation (In English)


Winds of change - education for an uncertain future (In English)

Higher education faces many challenges after the pandemic with new demands on sustainability, inclusion, lifelong learning and digitalisation. New learning environments and more choices for students will require care and readiness in the future as well.

Alastair Creelman
Alastair Creelman
, external monitor and specialist in e-learning at the section of higher education pedagogy, Linnaeus University


COFFEE with mingle


Parallel thematic sessions

Day 2: A On-campus teaching: completely online or a mix of both? (In Swedish)

In Swedish

Teaching on campus, at a distance, and hybrid teaching - with some students participating on campus and some students participating online – puts a stress on the learning environment. The hybrid model places special demands for achieving functioning and equal participation for all parties. In this session, we will discuss its potential benefits and challenges.

Medverkande: Roger Pettersson, avd. chef (Lärande och digitalisering) och Alexandra D’Urso, pedagogisk utvecklare (EPU)

Day 2: B Workshop on examination methods (In Swedish)

In Swedish

In this workshop, different types of examination forms and assessment questions will be discussed, allowing for an opportunity to be inspired to try new ways of assessing students’ learning. Experiences from the past year related to examining at a distance will be shared. What did we find useful thus far and what could be useful even in the future?

Day 2: C Workshop on Inspera - a new tool for online assessment (In English)

In this workshop, we will present the new tool for online assessment, Inspera. You will have time to test the different ways to design, construct, assess and grade a written online assessment.

Medverkande: Helen Alstergren, enhetschef och Ida Håkansson, systemadministratör, (båda System och Media) samt Minha Park, pedagogisk utvecklare (EPU).

Day 2: D Bias and inclusive teaching (In English)

Despite several laws and higher education policies that require and stress the importance of inclusive teaching and learning, as teachers we still sometimes struggle to make sense of what this can look like in our own classrooms. Welcome to a session where we will explore how teachers can proactively implement antidiscrimination perspectives in their teaching.

Moderatorer: Linn Areskoug, pedagogisk utvecklare och Natalie Jellinek, pedagogisk utvecklare (båda EPU)

Gäst: Patrick Konde, sakkunnig vid Friends.

Day 2: E What is quality in education? How to think? (In Swedish)

In Swedish

We meet in a roundtable discussion and share our thoughts and experiences based on the following questions. What does quality in teaching mean to me? How do I know if my teaching has high quality? In order enhance the quality in teaching, are there specific skills that I need to develop?

With Maria Andersson (excellent lärare) & Lisa Lundin (laureate SLU Educational award 2021), Department of Animal Environment and Health, SLU


Final words (In Swedish)

Deputy vice chancellor Karin Holmgren