Last changed: 10 January 2019

Here you can read more about the speakers who will participate at the Education Conference 2017.

Professor Karin Holmgren

Our first speaker at the Education Conference 2017 is SLU's Vice Chancellor Professor Karin Holmgren. She will open the conference with a discussion of current issues related to SLU's degree programs. (in Swedish, a written summary in English will be available).

Professor Max Scheja

Max Scheja is Sweden's only professor of Higher Education. His research focuses on student learning in higher education, how students interpret their learning environment, and how they develop their academic and professional understandings in different courses. At the conference, he will discuss and reflect upon students' learning and understanding. (in Swedish, a written summary in English will be available).

Dr. Jenny Moon

Jenny Moon is a known researcher in pedagogy and higher education in the UK. Her key interests are learning and teaching in higher education and programme structure. Her workshops and research touches upon the area of reflective learning, students' critical thinking and the use of learning journals in education. Here she will discuss how we can encourage our students' critical thinking and their ability to reflect more (in English).