AI support for teachers

Last changed: 18 June 2024

AI can support you as a teacher in many ways.

  • Make time: By supporting you in administrative tasks such as course planning and scheduling etc.

  • Help you create different types of learning materials and adapt them to different groups of students (texts, images, videos, etc.).

  • Make suggestions for new variants of exam questions.

  • Writing support: AI can help with writing, proofread what has been written and suggest changes.

  • Summarise many texts quickly: It is possible to upload many texts and ask AI to summarise them.

  • Translate text from other languages: Texts in almost any language can be quickly translated. NB. Text translated with AI tools must always be revised before it is published or disseminated.

  • Collect and analyse data in your learning platform: The analyses can show if certain students appear to be at risk of dropping out because they are falling behind in their studies. This type of system is called Early Warning Systems (EWS).

Finally, AI can support you in achieving your learning outcomes.
But it is also very important that you have knowledge of risks and limitations and how you can use AI in an ethical, responsible and inclusive way. 

When you test new AI services, don't forget:

  • Currently you often need to create private accounts to explore many of the new AI services on the market (and several cost money).

  • Critical thinking: Be aware that AI-generated material may contain inaccuracies, distortions, bias, and copyrighted material.

  • Security awareness: Pay attention to security aspects when testing AI systems.

  • Privacy protection: Be careful about what information you share with AI to prevent the spread of sensitive and proprietary information.


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Examples of AI support

NB. The following AI support should only be seen as examples and not recommendations. They may also involve costs or GDPR risks etc.

  • ChatGPT från Open AI (finns flera versioner inklusive betalversioner)
  • Microsoft Edge och Copilot (Bing Chat)
  • Microsoft Office och Copilot (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, m.fl.) (Copilot kostar extra)
  • Google Bard
  • HeyGen (översätta korta videos till många språk med läppsynk)
  • Midjourney (bildbehandling m.m.)
  • Dall-E (bildbehandling mm)
  • Adobe Firefly (bildbehandling m.m., finns numera också integrerat i t.ex. Photoshop)

Recorded digital seminars