AI support for PhD students

Last changed: 18 June 2024

AI can support doctoral students in several ways:

  • Report writing support: AI can help when writing a research paper or report.

  • Develop research questions: AI can support you when you want to develop your research questions for a specific study.

  • Summarize many articles quickly: You can upload many articles and ask AI to summarize them.

  • Explain difficult articles: If you need help understanding a research article, you can ask AI to help you.

  • Translate articles from other languages. Now you can get help reading research articles in almost any language.

  • Suggest analysis methods: For example, different statistical methods.

  • Trend analysis: AI can help identify emerging trends and potential areas of research in a particular field.

  • Report writing support: AI can help develop reports for various purposes.

  • Support for writing different types of applications: AI can help you write an application by suggesting structure and important keywords, language review and more.

Finally, AI can support you in achieving your study goals. But it is also very important that you have knowledge of risks and limitations and how you can use AI in an ethical, responsible and inclusive way.

Be especially careful to find out how (or if) you are allowed to use AI in different doctoral courses and course elements. Also be prepared to be able to report how you used AI in your research.

When you test new AI services, don't forget:

  • Currently you often need to create private accounts to explore many of the new AI services on the market (and several cost money).

  • Critical thinking: Be aware that AI-generated material may contain inaccuracies, distortions, bias, and copyrighted material.

  • Security awareness: Pay attention to security aspects when testing AI systems.

  • Privacy protection: Be careful about what information you share with AI to prevent the spread of sensitive and proprietary information.
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