During the examination

Last changed: 04 July 2023

Written examination on Canvas (student paper, short essay)

If possible, be available in email or telephone to students during the examination if the student needs to reach you. 

Oral examination online via Zoom (with recording due to the legal rights of the individual)

  • Allow the students to enter the virtual room in order to test things out 15 minutes in advance.
  • Keep in mind that students may be unaccustomed to oral examination and that it may be extra unfamiliar when carried out remotely. Therefore, when starting ask some simple introductory questions to create a safe environment.
  • Record the examination time due to the legal rights of the individual.
  • Print any instructions, templates, attendance lists and other documents that you might need during the exam.
  • When the examination moves towards its end, it is important to inform the student that the time is completed, what happens next, and when the student will get to know the result.

Examination at home

  • If the student is recording the examination, or if the examination is shown directly via zoom, it is important that the practical accomplishments are clearly shown in the picture. Notify the student about this in advance.
  • Try out the tools before the exam.

It is also important that the student knows in advance how the documentation of the exam is saved and how to submit the recorded files.