Questions and answers about higher education pedagogy courses

Last changed: 22 May 2024

On this page you will find answers to some common questions that we receive at EPU. If you do not find the answer to your question or if you have other concerns, you are welcome to contact us at

How do I register for the courses in higher education pedagogy?

You can register to our courses via the booking system on the SLU Staff web.

When is the deadline for registration?

The last day to register to the higher education pedagogy courses at SLU is, unless otherwise stated, 15 April for autumn courses and 15 October for spring courses. Registration for each course will open no later than one month before the application deadline each semester.

When will I be notified that my course application has been processed and I have been offered a place in a course?

If you have admitted to the course, you will receive an e-mail about one month after the registration deadline has passed. You are placed on the reserve list in case a spot becomes available, and you will be contacted if a place becomes available right up until the start of the course.

How does the application process work?

All applicants are placed in a queue for each course in the order in which the applicant has submitted their application. In other words, the application submission date is recorded for each course registration that you submit. As soon as the application period has expired, the admission process begins; for example, we check to see if each applicant fulfills the course prerequisites (when applicable). In some cases, your admission is contingent upon completing a course that you are already enrolled in. If we need additional information in order to process your application, you will be notified by e-mail.

Is there a reserve list for participants whose applications have been approved?

Yes. Each course has a limited number of spots and if the total number of applicants is higher than the limited number of spots that are available, the applicants who registered last as noted by date will end up on a reserve list. If any accepted applicants are unable to participate, people on the reserve list will be contacted by EPU.

Can my course application be prioritized for admission?

No. All applicants are accepted in the order of the date on which they have registered for the course. If the course is full, you will be placed on a reserve list. Some courses are given in Swedish/English and the course in the other language may have spots left and other dates that suit you?

What are the prerequisites?

Most of our courses require having successfully completed "Teaching in higher education, basic course (3 weeks)” or the equivalent course from other Swedish universities. The courses that do not have any prerequisites are the “course in grading and assessment” and “the education for sustainable development workshop”.

If I have taken higher education pedagogy courses at other universities, do I need to provide evidence of my prior merits by submitting a copy of course certificates when I apply for a course?

Yes, if you have taken a course with us a long time ago or if you have taken a course at another university, please send a copy of the course certificate to when applying.

Can I enroll in higher education pedagogy courses from another Swedish university?

Yes, it is possible to take “courses in higher education pedagogy” from other higher education pedagogy units at other Swedish universities because we have a national collaboration. Please contact EPU for more information if you have additional questions about your specific courses.

Can courses from a foreign university be recognized as part of the Swedish higher education pedagogy training requirements?

In some cases, yes. In order to receive credit from prior higher education pedagogy coursework completed outside of Sweden, some form of supplementary material is often required. EPU makes an evaluation on a case-by-case basis to determine what your course elements correspond to in the Swedish system.
Note: only courses are evaluated, not teaching experience.

Can I receive compensation for travel and accommodation if I attend a teaching course in another location?

No, no compensation is provided from EPU, but consult your department to see if it is possible.

How do I book my trip if I need to travel to another SLU campus?

Always book your trip through the travel agency Stureplans.

Can I cancel my registration before the start of the course?

Registration to our courses is binding. This means that you will not get your course fee back if you cancel your registration.


  • Early cancellation. If you cancel your registration in writing before the invoice has been sent out, you will not have to pay the course fee. The invoice is sent out shortly after you are notified that you have been enrolled in a course.
  • Illness. In the event of sick leave or medical absence that have been registered in Primula, the course fee can be refunded.

What happens if I cannot attend the first course meeting?

For most of our courses, the first meeting is mandatory. Contact your course leader for more information.

Are courses available on all campuses?

Sometimes our courses are given on campuses other than Ultuna. To see which courses are offered at the different campuses, please visit the EPU course list page to check the campus at which future occasions of the course you are interested in will be given.

Where are the courses held?

The higher education pedagogy courses are usually held at Campus Ultuna in Ulls Hus, one flight up from the entrance (3rd floor). (NOTE! Classrooms at Ultuna campus are called "Umeå", "Alnarp" and "Skara" and should not be confused with campus Umeå, etc.)

Some courses are entirely on campus, entirely online via Zoom, entirely on Canvas, or “blended” with both meetings on campus and meetings via Zoom. The course format, campus, building, and meeting room are indicated in the course invitation letter that you will receive from the course leader.

Click here to see the course building’s location using the SLU campus maps

How much do the courses cost?

About course fees

Should I return course literature if I cancel my registration and do not attend?

Yes, otherwise you will be billed for the literature.

When does the course platform open?

Usually about two weeks before the start of the course if any assignments are to be completed before the first meeting.

Can I complete the course later if I missed something?

Yes, you have two years to complete and supplement what you have missed in the course (course activities and homework). Contact your course leader if you need to make up missed course meetings or specific sessions.

When will I receive my course certificate?

As soon as you have completed all mandatory steps (participated in course meetings and have corrected and approved assignments). The certificate will be sent to you after the end of the course.

If you have not completed everything according to the course deadlines, your assignments will be corrected the next time the course is given. The certificate may therefore be delayed if you have not completed everything when you participated in the course. This is especially important to consider for those of you who are going to submit a docent (associate professor) application.

Which courses should I take in order to be eligible to apply for becoming a docent (associate professor)?

The national guidelines state that you must have the equivalent of 10 weeks of higher education pedagogy training. You should have completed:

  • Basic course in higher education pedagogy (3 weeks) or equivalent; and
  • Course in doctoral supervision (3 weeks) or equivalent; as well as
  • A total of 4 weeks of other higher education pedagogy courses (in Swedish or English)

Here you can find information about the process of applying to become a docent

Do I get university credits for these courses?

Higher education pedagogy courses at SLU are staff development training for teaching staff and supervisors. Therefore, SLU staff courses are not registered in Ladok for higher education credits. However, the EPU course certificates state how many weeks of full-time work the course corresponds to. If you are a postgraduate student, you can contact your supervisor who will then decide how many higher education credits the course should correspond to if you want your EPU course registered in Ladok as part of your postgraduate education. (Usually 1 course week at EPU corresponds to 1.5 credits). After the supervisor's assessment, your department enters the correct number of credits into Ladok.

Can I retrieve a list of my completed courses at SLU from Ladok?

If you are a doctoral student and are studying higher education pedagogic courses at EPU, that you want to include in your research education, you need to contact your principal supervisor. Your finished courses are first reported into our course administration system 'Personalkurser', which is not the same as LADOK. However, your principal supervisor can assess if the higher education pedagogic courses can be included in your research education and report them into LADOK and recalculate the course weeks to credits (one full-time week corresponds to 1.5 credits).

Can I register for courses if I am not employed at SLU?

Course participants who are employed at other universities and colleges can apply for the courses and are accepted subject to availability. Contact if you are interested in our courses. The course fee is higher for external participants because SLU subsidizes its employees’ training costs (see above).