Fast track for experienced agronomists

Last changed: 11 January 2022

Episode 8

(In Swedish)

In Sweden, there is a shortage of experienced agronomists, therefore the Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedligen) in collaboration with SLU started a project where foreign-born academics can obtain a Swedish extension of their education qualification - a so-called fast track (Snabbspår in Swedish).

This program was carried out entirely in a digital method (so-called distance education) with subject experts from SLU in Uppsala and Alnarp and a distance pedagogical approach from SLU in Skara. The goal was to increase the chances for the participants to get a job in Sweden within their professional area.

In this section, a pedagogical developer Alexandra D’Urso from the Unit for Pedagogical Development at SLU has a conversation with two participants who completed this program, Ivana Stijepic, and Nour Al Hariri, and one of the teachers, Maria Lingaas.