Reimbursement for extra costs

Last changed: 24 August 2023

This is how the department charges extra costs related to examination or extra supervision for a student with targeted study support.

  1. All support must be agreed with the coordinator of targeted support in advance (with the maximum number of hours granted for extra supervision documented by e-mail).
  2. When the support is completed, the teacher sends an email to the coordinator with:
    - name of the student in question
    - number of hours
    - names of teachers who provided the support
    - hourly cost
    - total cost
  3. The hourly cost is based on the current teacher’s salary (corresponding to the hourly wage plus LKP wage cost surcharge and other surcharges, e.g. department surcharge). If needed, get help from the department’s payroll administrator to calculate the cost.
  4. The coordinator responds to the email and gives OK and states the invoice reference in Proceedo for internal invoicing.
  5. The teacher, with the help of the payroll administrator, sends an internal invoice to the coordinator of the final sum. The student's name must not be included on the internal invoice, but information about what applies for support, the teacher's name and the course name. Invoicing must take place within the current budget year.