My studies – pictures

Last changed: 11 January 2023

On this page you can see what the students see if they log in
on function called My studies. My studies show most of the
information SLU has about student in Ladok.

At My studies can the students:

  • see which courses they are accepted to
  • register at courses they have been accepted to
  • see which courses they are registered at
  • register for examination
  • see grades from the courses they have passed
  • order certificates
  • report early course break
  • change address information
  • apply for your degree
  • give concessions to that companies can receive information about you from SLU

Below you can see a picture for a few of those services.

Change of address

Picture for change of address.

Registration on course

Picture for registration on course

Early brake on course

Picture for early brake on course.


Picture for certificates

Turn down admission

Picture for turn down admission

Application for degree certificate

Picture for degree certificate.