PSRs at the faculties

Last changed: 28 October 2022

Programme directors of studies of PN-LT (Landscape and horticulture)

Agroecology - Master's (2-year): Kristina Ascárd

Horticultural Management: Garden Design: Karin Svensson (as of 1 May 2014)

Horticultural Management: Gardening and Horticultural Production: Salla Marttila

Horticultural Science: Salla Marttila

Landscape Architect – Alnarp: Helena Mellqvist

Landscape Architect – Ultuna: Tomas Eriksson

Landscape Architecture - Master's (2-year): Mats Gyllin

Landscape Engineer: Frida Andreasson (as of 1 November 2014)

Nature, Health and Garden - Master's (1-year): Mats Gyllin

Sustainable Urban Management - Master's (2-year): Mats Gyllin


Programme directors of studies of PN-NJ
(Natural resources and agriculture)

Agricultural and Rural Management: Kristina Ascárd

Agricultural Economics and Management - Master's (2-year): Lovisa Nilsson

Agriculture – Economics and Management: Lovisa Nilsson

Agriculture – Food Science: Cornelia Witthöft

Agriculture – Rural Development: Lennart Salomonsson

Agriculture – Soil and Plant Sciences: Gerd Johansson

Aquatic and Environmental Engineering: Ingmar Messing

Biology and Environmental Science:Gunnel Alvenäs

Biotechnology: Volkmar Passoth

Economics and Management: Lovisa Nilsson

Energy Systems Engineering: Gertrud Nordlander

EnvEuro - Master's (2-year): Tobias Vrede

Environmental Communication - Master's (2-year): Elin Ångman

Environmental Economics and Management - Master's (2-year): Lovisa Nilsson

Environmental Pollution and Risk Assessment - Master's (2-year)Lisbet Lewan

Food – Innovation and Market - Master's (2-year): Kristine Koch

Plant Biology - Master's (2-year): Anders Kvarnheden

Rural Development and Natural Resource Management - Master's (2-year): Örjan Bartholdson

Soil and Water Management - Master's (2-year): Lisbet Lewan

Sustainable Development  - Master's (2-year): Karin Gerhardt


Programme director of studies of PN-S (Forestry)

Euroforester: Vilis Brukas

Forest Industry Economics: Anders Lindhagen

Forest Management: Staffan Stenhag

Forest Science: Anders Karlsson

Management of Fish and Wildlife Populations: John Ball


Programme directors of studies of PN-VH
(Veterinary medicine and animal science)

Agricultural Science – Animal Science: Jan Olofsson (regular), Anna Wistedt (deputy)

Animal Science: Jan Olofsson (regular), Anna Wistedt (deputy)

Equine Science: Anna-Lena Holgersson (regular), Åsa Viklund (deputy)

Ethology and Animal Welfare: Maria Andersson (regular), Anna Lundberg (deputy)

Veterinary Medicine: Marie Sterning (regular), Lena Ström (deputy)

Veterinary Nursing: Lise-Lotte Gustafson (acting regular), Anne Nilsson (deputy)