Strå's formal duties

Last changed: 20 June 2023

Strå's formal duties (according to the vice-chancellor's delegation of authority)

  • to be a general body for the university and the faculties that is tasked with handling general strategic issues intended to support, coordinate, stimulate and develop work on student welfare issues,

  • to initiate the identification and analysis of student welfare problems and the evaluation of measures implemented with regard to student welfare problems,

  • to draft proposals for guidelines, policy documents and action plans relating to student welfare for the vice-chancellor to make a decision on,

  • to submit, as necessary, proposals for action to the relevant authority (e.g. vice-chancellor, faculty board) that takes decisions on specific measures within student welfare,

  • to disseminate information to departments and individual students on student welfare issues,

  • to submit proposals to the vice-chancellor on the allocation of the funds made available to Strå by the university board,

  • to appoint its own deputy chair,

  • to grant additional persons entitlement to be present and make representations at meetings, as required, and

  • to meet at least twice a semester.


Ylva Eklind
Coordinator at the Division of Educational Affairs
Telephone: +4618 671265, +4676 1255127