Representatives in the ULS PhD Student Council

Last changed: 08 February 2024

Here you see a list of the elected board for 2024, representatives from each department at NJ faculty and PhD representatives in faculty and university committees. You are welcome to contact us if you are interested in any of the positions in the future.


Chairperson: Rebecca Naomi ter Borg 
Vice chairperson: Sidhant Chaudhary 

Fifth Member: Isabelle Lundholm



Department representatives

Aquatic Resources: Benjamin Mooney 

Ecology: Valeria Carini

Economics: Hina Hashim, Anne Dietrich

Energy and Technology: Ashkan Tayebi

Crop Production Ecology: Rafaelle Remaux

Soil and Environment: Miyanda Chilipamushi, Tamlyn Gangiah

Molecular Sciences: Malin Tiefensee, Tarja Wiegel

Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology: Sidhant Chaudhary 

Urban and Rural Development: Jonathan Rahn

Aquatic Sciences and Assessment:  Oscar Skirfors

Plant Biology: Silvana Moreno

Representatives in boards and councils

NJ Faculty Board (FN-NJ): Emma Bromark

NJ Doctoral Education Committee (Fun-NJ):  Erica Packard, Piera Wiesinger, Bradley Sparkes

NJ Docent Board (DN-NJ): Tamlyn Gangiah, Anne Dietrich  

NJ Committee for Continuous Environmental Analysis (FOMAN-NJ): Joel Jensen 

NJ Equal Opportunities Board (JLV-NJ): Rebecca Naomi ter Borg 

SLU Council for PhD Education (Fur): Agnes Af Sandberg, Bradley Sparkes (suppleant)

Sluss PhD Council (Sluss DN):Agnes Af Sandberg


Rebecca Naomi ter Borg, Chairperson ULS PhD student council, PhD student at the department of Soil and Environment