Routines and roles in the ISP portal

Last changed: 26 September 2023

Here you can read more about the different roles and steps in the management of the digital ISP. You will also find short instructions on how to perform certain steps in the ISP portal.

Several different roles are involved in the managment of the ISP in the ISP portal such as the doctoral student, principal supervisor and director of studies. An ISP can be submitted for review and approval by the principal supervisor changing the status of the ISP in the system, thereby passing it on to the next role in the workflow. Under the expandable menus below, you can read more about how workflows are used in the ISP portal and the task of each role.

  • An ISP must be updated at least once a year.
  • At all stages of the process, the ISP can always be sent back via the system to the principal supervisor for additions or changes.
  • The doctoral student and principal supervisor can always read their ISP/s, but when an ISP is sent for review/approval by another role, the doctoral student and supervisor will only have reading permission.
  • People with the right access can get an overview of current ISPs at department, faculty or SLU level.
  • If someone else, in addition to the roles involved in this process, needs to review the ISP, it is always possible to take out a pdf and send it for review via e-mail.

New! Here you can watch a short introductory film on the ISP portal.

Instructions on how to perform certain steps in the ISP portal:

How to get started with the work in the ISP portal - with information on how you:


More information about workflows and how they are used in the review and approval process can be found under the expandable menus below.

How do I create an ISP? What does the process look like?

Here you can read about how you create a new preliminary ISP.

Prel ISP FÖRE antagning ENG.jpg

What happens to the ISP after admission of the doctoral student?

Description of the process of the ISP after admission.

What happens at the annual revision of the ISP?

ISP årlig uppdatering ENG.jpg

Principal supervisor

It is the responsibility of the principal supervisor to plan the doctoral student´s education. A preliminary ISP is created by the principal supervisor before admission to the doctoral student and the preliminary ISP is used by the department and faculty prior to the decision on admission of the doctoral student.

Doctoral student

After admission the doctoral students have access to, can read and make changes in their own ISP.

Head of department

The head of department has the overall responsibility for the doctoral education at the department. Before each application for admission of a new doctoral student to the faculty, the head of department evalutes the preliminary ISP. In addition, it is the head of department who approves of the annual update of the ISP. This is done through digital approval in Public360.

Assistant supervisor

Assistant supervisors usually only have reading qualifications for the ISP that belongs to the doctoral student in question.

Director of studies /equivalent function at department level

Each department has a director of studies for doctoral education (or a contact person with the corresponding function). In the standard flow in the ISP portal, the ISP first goes to this person for evaluation before the head of department must review and approve, but the head of department can also choose to handle the review on his or her own depending on the division of responsibilities at the department.

The department's director of studies / contact person has reading access to the ISPs that belong to the department's doctoral students.

Faculty director of studies

Each faculty has one or two directors of studies for doctoral education. Through the ISP portal, these have an overview of all the faculty's ISPs. They also have the task of reviewing all preliminary ISPs before the faculty's decision on the admission of new doctoral students.

Faculty administrative officer

Each faculty has at least one administrative officer for doctoral education. They fill in the date for admission and SLU ID after the faculty has decided on the admission of a new doctoral student.

They will also have an overview of all the faculty's ISPs.