How to add persons to an ISP

Last changed: 23 May 2023

All persons linked to an individual study plan (ISP) in the ISP portal must be registered in SLU's identity and information system (Idis).

Both doctoral students and supervisors who are added to an ISP must be registered in Idis. This is created at the department by the person who is responsible for the catalog. When the prospective PhD student, or an external assistant supervisor, is added to AD, he can be added to the ISP portal.

Here you can find out who is responsible for the catalog ("katalogansvarig") at your department.

N.B. - when following up on the ISP, it is important to check that the information about the doctoral student's supervisors is still correct. If a supervisor needs to be changed or added to Ladok, an application for this must go through the faculty office for a decision by the vice dean or doctoral education board.