Forwarding an ISP in the ISP portal

Last changed: 21 January 2022

It is important to know how to approve an ISP and pass it on in the flow so that it is forwarded to the right person and role. The forwarding is done in two steps in the ISP portal, see below for a brief instruction. Note that different roles will get different choices in the different steps.

When you feel ready to forward an ISP, for example when a main supervisor has finished writing the preliminary ISP or a head of department has reviewed an ISP for follow-up, you do this in two steps.
1. First, press the blue "Save and send" button at the bottom right of the portal window.
2. You will then see a list of different options depending on what role you have and in what step the ISP is. N.B.! The default option (grayed out) means that the ISP is saved but not forwarded in the flow. To forward it, you must actively select another option. Then press "Save" - and the ISP is forwarded.