Application form for NOVA funding

Last changed: 12 May 2020

Step 1: Main information about the course

Course plan approved by Faculty board:

Course approved by head of department:

Course description:

Step 2: Information about the main applicant


Detailed course description

The description must contain:

  • a preliminary schedule that describes the general outline of the course including classroom/field/lab modules and distance learning modules, and a description of mandatory assignments
  • the responsibilities of each teacher
  • a description of specific networking activities for students
  • student recruitmentplan describing how to ensure participation of at least 10 PhD students (from at least two NOVA institutions, alternatively at least one NOVA institution and one BOVA institution)
  • a description of the added value of organizing the course as a NOVA course

Step 3

Is this the first course in a planned series of NOVA courses?:

Step 3a

Step 4

Is this course part of an ongoing course series?

Step 4a

Step 5: Submit the form

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