Application form for NOVA funding

Last changed: 14 May 2024

To apply for NOVA funding, send an e-mail to, with subject “Application for NOVA funding”.

The email shall contain the following:

  • Course description (to be used at NOVA web page in order to recruit participants)
  • List of teachers (names, titles and affiliations)
  • Application deadline
  • Number of seats
  • Detailed course description of max two pages, containing:

    - a preliminary schedule that describes the general outline of the course including classroom/field/lab modules and distance learning modules, and a description of mandatory assignment
    -the responsibilities of each teacher
    -a description of specific networking activities for students
    -student recruitment plan describing how to ensure participation of at least 10 PhD students (from at least two NOVA institutions, alternatively at least one NOVA institution and one BOVA institution)
    - a description of the added value of organizing the course as a NOVA course.

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Geir Löe, International Officer
Division of Educational Affairs