Use Canvas for assessing online

Last changed: 28 June 2021

To complete the exam in Canvas, either the tool Quiz or Tasks is used. To facilitate your choice between these two tools, some strengths and differences are listed below.

  • Carefully describe the conditions for the exam, for example
    • Permitted aids
    • If the exam is to be conducted individually
    • Exam time
    • Maximum score and limit for passing
    • Information on how to submit the exam
    • Encourage the student to open and check the submitted file to ensure that the correct file is uploaded.
    • Someone to contact in case of problems
  • Speedgrader is Canvas' tool for assessing exams for both quizzes and assignments.
  • If you want to save an exam file in the course room to attach to the assignment or quiz, it is important that it cannot be reached prematurely for the students. See this description.


IT support helps you with:

  • Support and permissions.
  • New course rooms.
  • Sandbox (a test room where you can try the tools).
  • Create users missing in Canvas and not in Idis.

You reach IT support via extension 6600 or