A Thousand Genders in Education, A Thousand Questions for Teachers - Trans Inclusion in Education

Last changed: 26 May 2023

Episode 13

(In Swedish)

Are you wondering how you, as a teacher, can make your teaching more trans-inclusive or simply curious about what trans-inclusion in education entails? Then this episode is for you.

In this episode, Malin Ekström, Equal Opportunities Officer at the NJ and VH faculties, engages in a conversation with equality consultant Lukas Romson (see his profile below) about trans-inclusive teaching. They discuss various concepts, approaches, and minority stress, as well as what teachers can do when they feel they lack sufficient knowledge.

Lukas and Malin also talk about the upcoming seminar in the fall, "Trans Inclusion in the Teaching Role," where Lukas will return to SLU to teach us more about incorporating trans inclusion in lesson planning, student interactions, internships, and group work.

Keep an eye on the calendar for EPU's pedagogical seminars to find out when and where the seminar will take place.


  • Lukas Romson is an equality consultant and founder of the company Rätt OLika, specializing in equality work within the workplace. With a legal background, Lukas is frequently engaged in LGBTQ+ matters, which he has been involved in for over twenty years. Besides that, he enjoys horseback riding, has had three hamsters, three cats, and a snake in his life, and is currently attempting to take over his father's garden at their summer home in Dalarna, although he is a complete novice in all these areas.
  • Malin Ekström is Administrative Officer at the Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences, faculty office
  • Recording and editing: Minha Park, educational developer at EPU