Reserve a group study room - this is how students do it

Last changed: 01 November 2023

Students can reserve the group study rooms in TimeEdit.

This page shows you how it works for students so that you, as a member of staff at SLU, can help them (if necessary).

To reserve a group study room, students do the following:

  1. Go to SLU's TimeEdit startpage
  2. Go to the Student entry by clicking the "Student" - link
  3. Login with your SLU-account
  4. Click on one of the reservation pages, e.g. "Uppsala Library"
  5. The student clicks on the calendar and chooses which time and which group study room he/she wishes to reserve
  6. A dialogue box is then displayed where the student needs to enter a mandatory title for the reservation, e.g. the course code, the group name or similar.
  7. Finally, the student clicks on the "Reserve" button to create the reservation.

The group study rooms are divided into different areas, such as Alnarp Alnarpsgården, Umeå Library, Uppsala Library or Uppsala VHC.

Instructions on how students should reserve group study rooms in TimeEdit can be found here.