Information for PhD Students

Last changed: 10 May 2021

Getting started in a new country and at a new university can feel overwhelming at times. Here we have compiled some useful information for you to help you with your studies at SLU and your life in Sweden

  1. SLU Canvas Page for Doctoral Students

SLU has compiled an introductory course for PhD students on our learning platform Canvas. Here you will find resources for your courses, a framework of PhD studies at SLU and many other useful tools


  1. PhD student handbook for the NJ-faculty.

Here you will find information regarding PhD studies, how it is to be an employee at SLU and general things about living in Sweden. This handbook will not be updated anymore.

Link: PhD student handbook for the NJ-faculty (updated April 2019)

  1. Living and working in Sweden

Here is another useful resource for foreigners who come to live and work in Sweden, written by two colleagues at SLU: “Living and working in Sweden - Practical help for post docs, PhD students and others: from getting a personal number to buying a house”.



Gesa Hoffmann, Chairperson of the ULS PhD Council, Doctoral Student at the Department of Plant Biology,