Seed Money

Last changed: 06 April 2023

If you are coordinating a large, collaborative proposal or project, the Grants Office can support you with seed money or a coordinator’s premium. Please send us your seed money applications at least four weeks after the proposal submission deadline. There are also other sources of seed money at SLU, which you will find below.

Coordinator's premium

Coordinating a large collaborative research proposal involves a lot of work. The Grants Office can support you, and we strongly recommend that you contact us early in the process to discuss how we can help. The coordinator’s premium is financial support when you are coordinating a large research proposal with substantial national or international collaboration beyond the academic sector (multi-actor projects). Your proposal may respond to a call from either a Swedish or international funder, including the European Commission, Life, InterReg, Vinnova, Mistra etc. The premium can cover costs associated with the application process, such as travelling and organising workshops; however, you are free to use the seed money as you find appropriate.

Premiums of 25-50,000 SEK are available, and the level of premium that we will award to you depends on the type of grant you are applying for and the total project budget:

  • Projects with international collaboration and a total budget of 10-20 million SEK = 25,000 SEK
  • Projects with international collaboration and a total budget exceeding 20 million SEK = 50,000 SEK
  • Projects with only Swedish collaboration and a total budget of at least 20 million SEK = 25,000 SEK

We will pay the premium directly to your department after you have successfully submitted the proposal and sent a copy to us at

For two-stage applications, the premium is divided in two. You are entitled to half for stage one and half for stage two. The first half of the money will be paid to you after your stage one proposal is submitted. Please note, if you do not apply for the premium at stage one, we can only pay you the second half of the premium at stage two - the total amount does not accumulate.

Please send your application to us at no later than four weeks after the proposal deadline. For two-stage applications, you are not required to re-submit an application for the second stage.

Other sources of support at SLU

Several platforms and forums at SLU offer seed money for various purposes, and many include support for writing research proposals. You will find some of these below. If you know of an initiative that you would like to add to this list, please contact us at