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Calls for external grants

Here you can find grants available from various external funding bodies. 

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Hop On Facility

The Hop On Facility allows for legal entities from low R&I performing countries to join already selected collaborative R&I actions. It integrates one additional participant from a Widening country to

Funding bodies

Here is where you find the funding for your project.

Interreg South Baltic Programme Seed Money

The purpose of each seed money project proposal is to develop a concept of the future regular project to be implemented and financed under the Interreg South Baltic Programme 2021-2027. Call info

COST Networks

Participants are invited to submit COST Action proposals contributing to the scientific, technological, economic, cultural or societal knowledge advancement and development of Europe. Multi- and

Travel grants for young researchers

Royal Physiographic Society of Lund - Academy for the Natural Sciences, Medicine and Technology. The charter of the Society is to promote scientific endeavour in all of these disciplines. Call info

Mobility grants for early-career researchers

Formas’ mobility grants are targeted to individuals who have obtained their PhD (diploma issued) no earlier than 1 January 2019 and no later than 30 April 2023. The call welcomes research projects in

Renewable energy incorporation in agriculture and forestry

Proposals should demonstrate incorporation of renewable energy technologies in agriculture or forestry to meet its electricity, heat, cold, waste and land management needs. Solutions should combine

Nordic University Cooperation

The aim of the call is to strengthen international competitiveness and facilitate the development of excellent Nordic research environments. The call is initiated to support research-based university

Driving Urban Transitions – Sustainable future for cities

Driving Urban Transitions to a Sustainable Future (DUT) is the new programme of JPI Urban Europe starting in 2022. The DUT Partnership steps up the game to tackle urban challenges. Through research

Nature-based solutions integrated to protect local infrastructure

The aim of the topic is to expand the knowledge on Nature-based Solutions (NBS) and their ability to enhance infrastructure resilience in cities and urban areas against natural and man-made hazards.

Preparatory projects next generation strategic innovation programs

With this the offer, we want to strengthen the conditions for building new actors-driven and long-term innovation programs for system transformation. The programs will contribute to global

Consolidator Grants

Are you a scientist who wants to consolidate your independence by establishing a research team and continuing to develop a success career in Europe? The ERC Consolidator Grant could be for you. You