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Here is a list of web pages, including news and events, that are related to SLU´s international collaboration.

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WorldFish visit

In connection to Shakuntala Thilsted's appointment as honorary doctor at SLU, a meeting and a workshop was held with WorldFish and researchers at SLU, active in aquatic research. The purpose was to

DT annual meeting

Finally the time came, when the whole Drylands Transform team could meet in real life for the first time during the project that started in 2020. On 7th to 11th of November the second annual meeting

Global: COP27 blogg

Read the new blog post written by Hanna Wolf, Division of Environmental Integration at SLU and advisor at Sida’s Helpdesk for Environment and Climate Change. She gives her own reflection on the new

Young people engage in sustainable forestry

Africa has the youngest population in the world and is also a continent that faces serious challenges in driving sustainable development and managing the forests for the future. AfricanYouth4Forests

Seed Money

If you are coordinating a large, collaborative proposal or project, the Grants Office can support you with seed money. We have three different funds available - a coordinator’s premium, proposal

Training and capacity development

At the Grants Office, we have a mission to build the capacity of SLU staff to write more competitive and successful funding proposals, prepare application budgets, and deliver project reporting. We

Support and training

Here you can find out how to get help to apply for external funding and manage your granted projects

Tools and guidelines

Here you can find out what your obligations are when applying for external funding or implementing an externally funded project at SLU.You will also find links to tools and templates to help you.

IP Management

Many funders will ask you to include a plan or strategy to manage intellectual property (IP) or knowledge assets when you submit your proposal. This can include information about protecting results,

Project implementation and reporting

When a proposal is successful, there is usually a lot of work connected to starting up and implementing the project, whether SLU is the coordinator or a partner. In particular, being involved as a

Funding bodies

Here is where you find the funding for your project.

Enhancing scientists’ communication skills through mentorship to improve policy engagement

The role of agriculture in ending poverty and hunger has been recognised in many agricultural development initiatives yet identifying and implementing enabling policies and evaluating their impacts