External funding - FAQ

Last changed: 24 August 2022

Grants Office receives many questions about external funding from SLU reserchers and administrative staff. On this page you find the most frequently asked questions (FAQ).

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Applications in general

1. (2020-03-26) Is there any seed money for writing proposals at SLU?
Yes, if SLU is coordinating. See Seed money.

2. (2020-03-26) Can someone help me with the English in my proposal?
Yes, SLU's own language coordinators may assist if they have time., see Language
There is also the possibility to apply for some funding to get external help, See "Proposal review support" on Seed money.


EU funding

1. (2020-03-26) Can a department be a partner in an EU proposal?
No, it is always SLU as an organization that is the partner.

2. (2020-03-26) What is the Funding and Tenders Portal (FTP)?
FTP is the European Commission Internet based system for applying for EU funding in Horizon 2020 and administering and reporting ongoing projects. Access to the system is based on e-mail address. Anybody can create their own profile and password in the system. Access is then given to individual applications or projects.

3. (2020-03-26) What is the Participant Identification Code (PIC) for SLU in FTP?

4. (2020-03-26) What is an LSIGN and a PLSIGN in FTP?
A legal signatory is (LSIGN) a person who is authorized to sign Grant Agreements (and also Declarations of honor and amendments) on behalf of the University. All Heads of Departments are pre-selected as LSIGN in the system Funding and Tenders portal. Only Grants Office can add or remove people from this list. An LSIGN becomes a Project Legal Signatory (PLSIGN) once they are connected to a specific project in the Funding and Tenders portal. Any person who has access to the project as a Participant Contact can select a PLSIGN from the pre-defined list of LSIGNs. Once the Head of department is connected to the project they can log in and sign the Grant Agreement electronically.

5. (2020-03-26) What is the FSIGN in FTP?
It means Financial Signatory and is the person who signs the financial report electronically in the Funding and Tender Portal

6. (2020-03-26) Who should have the role as FSIGN in FTP?
Normally the financial administrator at department level and who has prepared the Financial report. The department can chose to select another person for this. The person must be added to a list in the Funding and tender portal. Only Grants Office can do this.

7. (2020-03-26) Who at SLU signs the Grant Agreement?
Usually the Head of Department.

8. (2020-03-26) Who at SLU signs the Consortium Agreement?
The same as the one who signed the grant agreement.

9. (2020-03-26) Is there a template for writing a Consortium Agreement?
Usually the DESCA template is a good starting point, see DESCA.

10. (2020-03-26) Where can I get help writing a Consortium Agreement?
SLU's legal counsellors may assist in setting up and revising consortium agreements, contact: juridik@slu.se.

11. (2020-03-26) How often is the project reporting for Horizon 2020 projects?
Scientific and Financial reporting is usually every 18 months. The project coordinator is responsible for the scientific report in the Funding and Tenders portal. Every partner enters their own financial report into the system. The report is signed electronically by an appointed Project Financial Signatory. This is usually done by the financial administrator at the department.

12. (2022-09-19) What exchange rate should I use when doing my budget for an EU proposal?
When doing a budget to an EU proposal we recommend that you use 0.5 SEK/EUR lower rate than the current rate. For example use 10:20 if today's rate is 10:70 SEK/Euro.

Funding for specific activities

1. (2020-03-26) I want to go to a training course for writing a proposal, does SLU have funds to apply for?
Yes, see "Training support" on Seed money.

2. (2020-03-26) I want to go to a conference, does Grants Office have funds to apply for?
No, we don’t.

Grants and contracts

1. (2020-06-25) Who can support me with grants and contracts?
When you participate in collaborative projects with other universities, authorities and companies you will become a party to a consortium agreement. These links give you instructions and support that are good to know before entering into an agreement:

SLU's Legal Unit

SLU Holding AB

SLU's legal unit can be contacted via juridik@slu.se for advice before entering into an agreement. If the project concerns EU funding (eg HORIZON 2020), the legal department should always be contacted for advice.

SLU Holding AB can be contacted via https://www.sluholding.se/kontakt/kontaktformular or email to christer.franlund@slu.se. They can assist you in the design of agreements so that your rights are best protected.