Project implementation and reporting

Last changed: 24 February 2023
Project implementation

When a proposal is successful, there is usually a lot of work connected to starting up and implementing the project, whether SLU is the coordinator or a partner. In particular, being involved as a coordinator, WP leader or partner in a large collaborative project is a significant undertaking, including detailed monitoring and reporting of research results and planned activities, as well as providing financial updates. In parallel to the reporting demanded by the funding agency it is also essential to make sure that the internal management within SLU’s accounting system is correct. Not only is this good project management practice, but it will also guard against any difficulties should an external audit of your project be required.

At SLU, it is usually the department’s responsibility to provide support during the implementation and administration of projects, including the handling of financial issues and contracts. Each department has a dedicated person with the administrative role ‘project finance’, with the main task of supporting the implementation and reporting of research projects.

The university administration´s support to project accounting and economic reporting to funding bodies primarily comes from the Division of Financial Administration via 

SLU's legal affairs unit is responsible for providing support in legal and contractual matters, e.g. with the establishment and review of consortium agreements.

SLU Holding offers the possibility to discuss questions such as; How can my research results come to use? Who may benefit from the results and how?

When you are starting up and running or participating in a project, the Grants Office can provide some additional support. We will work with you to design a support package that fits your needs, but some examples of the ways we can help include:

  • Offering advice during the Grant Agreement preparation phase
  • Helping you to organise a start-up meeting - for your consortium if you are the coordinator, or internally at SLU if you are a WP Leader or partner
  • Providing advice on templates for budget control, timesheets, progress monitoring etc.
  • Supporting you with issues connected to progress reporting, financial reporting, controls and audits
  • Advising on the functionality, rules and use of the Funding & Tenders Portal


Contact us

If you would like to talk about support with project implementation or project reporting, please contact one of us directly:

Christer Borglin & Hallvard Wie

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