Project calculator

Last changed: 22 January 2024

SLU´s project calculator is to be used for all applications and contract proposals for external funding. You calculate the full cost and the co-funding need. In the application phase, the calculation provides the basis for filling in the financier's budget form.


The calculator has reports for the whole project, per department/partner and per work package (WP). The template has room for 20 WP:s. In addition to all SLU's departments, there is room for 30 external partners.

There is also a report adapted to the budget form in Prisma, a report with indirect cost specifications and a report adapted to the EU framework program (EUFP).

The project leader must, with support of a department financial administrator, use the calculator at two stages of the external funding process according to the external funding guidelines:

  1. As soon as possible prior to the final date for application.
  2. AND, if application is accepted, as soon as possible prior to the contract proposal being signed.

 Depending on funding body the project budget has different purposes:

  • To calculate full cost to be included in application or contract - valid for Swedish government funding bodies for which full cost funding is compulsory according to regulatory letter.
  • To calculate full cost AND cost to be included in application or contract, where the difference is the co-funding need - valid for all other funding bodies who are not adapting their funding to applicant specific full cost, but instead have standard rules for cost coverage or take decision in each individual case.