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For heads of departments/units/divisions

Heads and managers at different levels within SLU need relevant information to carry out their mission. Here is a list web pages of various kinds, including news and events, that may be of interest.

There are 39 pages tagged with For heads of departments/units/divisions:


SLU takes interdisciplinarity forward futurefood@slu.se Save the date: Welcome to discuss how SLU as a university can be strengthened through interdisciplinarity in research and education. How

Proposal and project support

The Grants Office provides support to SLU researchers for external funding by offering key expertise and hands-on guidance to help SLU achieve its vision. Our services target the researchers

Proposal writing advice

Tips and advice from the Grants Office on how to write a good and competitive proposal.

IDA Inter- and transdisciplinary practice_en

Interdisciplinarity in practice – processes for joint learning and exchange futurefood@slu.se Save the date - more information will come later. Professor Erik Andersson, University of Helsinki and

Communication and Dissemination

Communication and dissemination are critical to ensure that your research reaches the right audience and makes an impact. Independent of whether you are focused on fundamental research questions or


Research funders are increasingly expecting that the research they fund will have an impact and provide a return on their investment. Depending on the funder, the expected impact may be vary from

Proposal writing advice: general tips for good proposals

Writing a winning proposal to secure funding for your research takes time, effort and consideration. However, you can learn and develop this skill throughout your career, and the SLU Grants Office


The future of meat – workshop and discussion for SLU's students and employees futurefood@slu.se What role should meat play in our diets and culture? Which future is best for Swedish farmers? How

SLU:s Agenda 2030-dag

Agenda 2030: SLU sustainability day malin.planting@slu.se Illustration: Maria Capandegui Widén, SLU Agenda 2030 and the sustainable development goals (SDGs) were adopted by the world's countries

SLU facts

Here are some general facts of SLU that are useful when working on applications to different funding bodies. Official name: Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet Postal (official) address: Box 7070, 750 07

Internationell studentbarometer ISB

SLU will participate in the International Student Barometer 2023 (ISB), a survey for international students. The survey will be conducted from November 6 to December 10, and all international

Invitation Agenda 2030 SLU sustainability day

The world is halfway through the action plan for sustainable development as outlined in Agenda 2030. What progress has been made and how does this affect us, both as a university and individually in