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For researchers

Researchers may need support in finding necessary information when acting as a researcher at SLU. Here is a list of web pages of various kinds, including news and events, considered to be of help to a researcher. This page is a supplement to the page Support for researchers, on the staff web.

There are 185 pages tagged with For researchers:

Conflict prevention and management workshop

Conflict prevention and management workshop malin.planting@slu.se As long as a conflict is not yet severely escalated, the involved individuals can try to sort it out among themselves. This

Researcher residency at Philipsonska gården in Strängnäs

Researcher residency at Philipssonska gården Researcher residency – transdisciplinary discussions at Ekenäs futureonehealth@slu.se The four Future Platforms invite senior as well as junior SLU

External funding

Here you can find calls for funding, information about SLU's most common funders, tools, guidelines and advice to help you find, apply for and manage external funding. At the bottom of each page you

EMA development funds 2024

SLU's environmental monitoring and assessment (EMA) programmes announces funding for projects that are implemented during 2024. The last day to apply is the 29th of September 2023. Eleven of twelve

SLU internal funds

Faculties and platforms may have some funds that you as an employee can apply for. List of internal calls Seed money to strengthen and support internal cooperation on water at SLU Funds available via

GlobeLife Seminar

GlobeLife Seminar: "Food production, nutrition and global health - sustainable food for all?" futureonehealth@slu.se Slide from the presentation SLU Future One Health, together with Globelife (a

The Human-land podcast

Human Land is now launching three episodes of Series 2, where we aim to explore how environmental psychology could support us in a system change towards healthy societies, with a socio-ecological

Statistics@SLU seminar: Johan Koskinen

Statistics@SLU seminar: Johan Koskinen hilda.edlund@slu.se Title and abstract will be updated later. Johan Koskinen is a Lecturer in Statistics at Stockholms universitet. His main research

Climate-impact of animal food production – what do we know and what are the knowledge gaps?

Climate-impact of animal food production – what do we know and what are the knowledge gaps? futureonehealth@slu.se The series of Climate Conversations at SLU continues. This time SLU Global and the

New book on sustainable cities and communities

Professor Kes McCormick at the department of People and Society in collaboration with colleagues from Lund University, Manchester University and Utrecht University have edited a new book that reviews

VHresearch day

VH Faculty research day joanna.hagstroms@slu.se Welcome to the VH-faculty research day on Friday the 25th of August. On the VH-faculty research day you will have the opportunity to hear about some

SLU Aquaculture research & networking seminar

SLU Aquaculture research & networking seminar aquaculture@slu.se Most welcome to an SLU Aquaculture networking and research seminar to be held 8 Nov 2023 as a hybrid-/video conference meeting, from