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Environmental monitoring and assessment

SLU has a unique role among Swedish universities through its commission to perform environmental monitoring and assessment. This is based on society's needs, as expressed in national environmental targets, international commitments and the overall objective of long-term sustainable development.

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External funding

Here you can find calls for funding, information about SLU's most common funders, tools, guidelines and advice to help you find, apply for and manage external funding. At the bottom of each page you

EMA development funds 2024

SLU's environmental monitoring and assessment (EMA) programmes announces funding for projects that are implemented during 2024. The last day to apply is the 29th of September 2023. Eleven of twelve

A global observatory to monitor biodiversity

At a time of unprecedented decline in Earth’s biodiversity, scientists are calling for a new system for monitoring and providing the data needed for decision making and conservation action. Earth’s

Methane emissions vary as expected across Mälaren

The greenhouse gas methane has been increasingly in the public eye since the NordStream incident. Methane emissions from waterbodies are also of interest to researchers and decision makers who have

SMAS 2023 calendar

Lectures by SLU´s senior environmental assessment specialists 2023 ann-katrin.hallin@slu.se The 6th of December 2023 you are most welcome to take part in our popular science lectures by three newly

Citizen Science

Are you interested in citizen science? Do you want to network with or learn from your colleagues? On this page you find information on current activities at SLU. News and activities Biodiversity

Webinar series CitSci

Learn about your colleagues’ citizen science projects; take part in the seminars for SLU staff. Program and recordings from 2020 7 May : About the investigation of citizen science at SLU and about

Watch the webinar about the EU's proposal for a directive on soil monitoring

On July 5, the EU Commission presented a proposal for a directive on soil monitoring. The directive was discussed on July 11 by European researchers and Mirco Barbero, representative from the EU

Funding bodies

Here is where you find the funding for your project.

R/V Svea is anchored in Gothenburg

The research and environmental monitoring vessel Svea is moored at Stigbergskajen in Gothenburg between 19 and 23 April 2023 for maintenance. Svea is mainly used for environmental monitoring in the

A competence center for algal toxins and phytoplankton blooms

We can expect toxic algal blooms to become more common as the climate changes. A better understanding of which toxins algae produce and under what circumstances this happens will therefore become

Seed Money

If you are coordinating a large, collaborative proposal or project, the Grants Office can support you with seed money or a coordinator’s premium. Please send us your seed money applications at least