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Environmental monitoring and assessment

SLU has a unique role among Swedish universities through its commission to perform environmental monitoring and assessment. This is based on society's needs, as expressed in national environmental targets, international commitments and the overall objective of long-term sustainable development.

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Biodiversity ­Challenge 2024

Biodiversity ­Challenge 2024 cecilia.nordstrom@slu.se On May 2, Biodiversity Challenge 2024 kicks off. The contest, internationally known as Biodiversity Challenge for ICA members, is a

Webinar series CitSci

Learn about your colleagues’ citizen science projects; take part in the recordings of our seminars for SLU staff. Program and recordings from 2020 7 May : About the investigation of citizen science

Citizen Science

On this page you find documentation from the Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Council (Fomar) project on citizen science at SLU. SLU is an important actor in the rapidly growing field of

“Remediation of headwater streams is the missing link”

Agricultural headwaters are everywhere but at the same time much overlooked, despite their important role in regulating functions and quality of downstream ecosystems. They are often seen as passive

Proposal and project support

The Grants Office provides support to SLU researchers for external funding by offering key expertise and hands-on guidance to help SLU achieve its vision. Our services target the researchers

Proposal writing advice

Tips and advice from the Grants Office on how to write a good and competitive proposal.

Forskare och beslutsfattare i dialog om EU:s markdirektiv och miljöövervakning

In about 25 years, all soils in the EU should be healthy, according to the European Commission's proposal for a Soil Directive presented in the summer of 2023. The directive will entail changes in

Communication and Dissemination

Communication and dissemination are critical to ensure that your research reaches the right audience and makes an impact. Independent of whether you are focused on fundamental research questions or


Research funders are increasingly expecting that the research they fund will have an impact and provide a return on their investment. Depending on the funder, the expected impact may be vary from

Proposal writing advice: general tips for good proposals

Writing a winning proposal to secure funding for your research takes time, effort and consideration. However, you can learn and develop this skill throughout your career, and the SLU Grants Office

SMAS 2023 calendar

Lectures by SLU´s senior environmental assessment specialists 2023 ann-katrin.hallin@slu.se The 6th of December 2023 you are most welcome to take part in our popular science lectures by three newly

EU:s nya markdirektiv har potential men kräver ändringar

The European Commission's proposal for a directive to protect and restore soil, the Soil Monitoring Law, has the potential to contribute to more sustainable land use. In the long term, it would