Datadriven Life Science - DDLS

Last changed: 08 October 2021

DDLS is a research program funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation and coordinated by the Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab) in collaboration with ten Swedish Universities and the Swedish Museum of Natural History. The KAW Foundation will finance the program with SEK 3.1 billion during 2021-2032.

The program includes the recruitment of 39 new academic leaders, the training of over 400 doctoral and postdoctoral fellows, and establishment of a national data platform and the establishment of an international collaboration platform for stakeholders in academia, healthcare and industry.

The program is focused on four strategic subject areas:

  • Cell and molecular biology
  • Evolution and biodiversity
  • Precision medicine and diagnostics
  • Epidemiology and infection biology



SLU is one of the 10 universities participating in the program. KAW has granted SLU funding for the recruitment of two future academic leaders in data-driven life science in the field of Evolution and Biodiversity. The first recruitment takes place at the Faculty of Forest Sciences in connection with the research environment UPSC (Umeå Plant Science Center). The second recruitment will be carried out in 2024 at the Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences.

Within the program, a large number of positions (doctoral students, industrial doctoral students, postdocs, industrial postdocs) will also be advertised in open competition. This will be an opportunity for research groups at SLU to get involved in all strategic subject areas.

Activities in progress

A good way to stay up to date on current events within the DDLS program is to subscribe to SciLifeLab's newsletter.

  • November 22 2021 - The first annual DDLS conference. Open event for all interested (link to registration will come when the event is published).
  • Oct - Dec 2021 - Mini symposia on the various strategic subject areas (links will appear when they are published)

Calls for funding within the program

When the program announces grant funding (starting in 2024), the information will be posted here and communicated via the Grants Office newsletter and other channels.

More information about the program

The DDLS program has its own web portal on SciLifeLab's website.

The (not yet decided) strategy for the program can be read here.

Contact information

Sara Hallin (Dept. of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology) and Pär Ingvarsson (Dept. of Plant Biology) are SLU's representatives in the national reference group for the DDLS program.

Niklas Nordquist (Division of Planning) is SLU's administrative contact person for the program.

Hanna Lindroos (Data Management Support) is SLU's contact person for the program in data management issues.