Room booking

Last changed: 08 June 2022

All conference rooms in Ulls hus, Undervisningshuset and Inspektorn (Rektorsvillan) can be booked by all staff in Ulls hus.

Conference rooms are booked in Outlook:

  • All conference rooms in Ulls hus are indicated on the floor plan in the column to the right. In the list of rooms, the letter indicates the section and the first figure the floor, e.g. B409 Grimsö is located on floor 4 of section B.
  • Small conference rooms (fewer than 16 places) can be booked 6 months in advance, large rooms 18 months.
  •  All staff can book most conference rooms via Outlook. Rooms that have restricted booking, e.g the boardroom, are visible so that it is possible to see when a room is free. The booking request is then dealt with by authorised staff.
  • Support on all equipment in the rooms (conference rooms and teaching rooms) is provided by AV support. 

  •  Where to find the rooms - floor plans (in Swedish only)

  • Information about conference and teaching rooms (number of seats, equipment etc.) 

  • Information about other spaces avaliable for booking (number of seats, equipment etc.)

  • Instructions for booking Ulls hus conference rooms in Outlook (in Swedish only)

Teaching premises are booked in TimeEdit:

New teaching premises in Ulls hus are booked via room booking at Ultuna in the same way as other teaching premises.


Room booking Ultuna och Umeå:, tel: 018-67 20 10

AV-support, SLU
Call 018-67 66 00 2# for support.