Lunch rooms, coffee stations and rest rooms

Last changed: 10 January 2022

Lunch/break rooms

Ulls hus has two common lunch/break rooms for staff, one on floor 3 in section C and one on floor 4 in section B. There is also a lunch/break room that can be used by both staff and students on floor 2 in section B. All the rooms can seat about 75 people.

The lunch rooms have microwave ovens to heat food brought from home, fridges and freezers to keep food in, and washing-up facilities. Tableware and cutlery are also available.

When you have finished, place tableware and cutlery in the dishwasher. The cleaners remove the clean plates etc. for us. The fridges are cleaned and emptied about once a week. The microwaves ovens are cleaned twice a week.

And of course we sort the waste from the lunch rooms. Read more about waste sorting and other environment-related matters under Environment.

There are coffee machines and water coolers in the lunch/break rooms on floors 3 and 4.

There is also a students’ lunch roomon floor 2 in section C.

Coffee stations

There are also a number of coffee stations located around the building to complement the lunch/break rooms. The stations have coffee machines, cups, spoons and kettles. They also have dishwashers for coffee cups and counter-top fridges for milk. The coffee stations are not be used as lunch rooms. All staff at Ull (Ulls hus, Undervisningshuset and Inspektorn) may use all these facilities.

Rest rooms

Ulls hus has four shared rest rooms, one of which is located on floor 2 (the entrance floor) in section B and is also available to students. The other three are located on floor 3 in section C, floor 4 in section C and floor 4 in section B

Floor plans:


NB: You're not allowed to bring peanuts or food containing peanuts into Ulls hus. It's also forbidden to heat food that contains other kinds of nuts.