For staff in Ulls hus

Last changed: 22 February 2023

Here is some practical information about how various things function in the building.

Service in the house:

Service Ull is responsible for many of the common service functions located in the building. Some, however, are handled by SLU's central service functions, for example cleaning and mail handling. You can also get help from the Service Centre, which is located at the main entrance.

If you have any questions, you can visit Service Ull, where you can also read about what is included in the building's basic service. You can report your errands under the heading Fault reports.

Information from the landlord:

You can read about the building's functions in the guide to the building, which you can find at our landlord Akademiska Hus' website. The guide also describes the building's ventilation, lighting, climate control and many more things that Akademiska Hus is responsible for.

Building guide Ulls hus (in Swedish only)

Good to know:

  • Every department and division has keys to its offices. These keys fit all rooms in the department/division but not in other departments/divisions. The same key is used to open the airing window in your office.

  • Burglar alarms are installed along with shell protection on windows and doors. It is therefore important that both office airing windows and other windows are closed after office hours.

  • Office airing windows are fitted with a seal. When an airing window is opened, the seal is broken and the room's heating/cooling system is shut down to save energy.

  • A built-in sensor in the light fitting in your office ensures that your work areas is illuminated with approx. 700 lux. When the sun shines through the window, the light will dim automatically, but 700 lux will still be maintained. If you bring other lighting into your office, the built-in sensor will register the extra light and reduce the intensity of the ceiling light, again to save energy.

  • How to use the sorting bin in your office:

  • Every office chair has a tube with a blue plastic cap that contains instructions for adjusting the chair. When everyone has moved in and returned from holiday, we will be arranging a few demonstration sessions with Kinnarps, who have supplied the chairs.

  • Every department and division has its own mail compartments in the photocopier room closest to the department/division. The departments and divisions located on two floors have their mail delivered to one of the photocopier rooms and then have to distribute the mail themselves.



Main entrance Ulls hus:
Open Mon-Fri 8.00 - 17.00
Almas allé 8
756 51 Uppsala

SLU Service Centre
Open Mon-Fri 8.00-16.00
Tel: +46 18 67 24 00

Goods reception Ull:
Tel: 018-67 12 20

Open: Mo-Fri 8am-3.30pm

Delivery address:
Ulls gränd 1, 756 51 Uppsala

GPS: N 59°48'52.32'' Ö 17°39'39.43''

Service Ull:
Phone: 018-67 12 20