Visits to SLU

Last changed: 27 January 2023
HRH the Crown Princess Victoria visits R/V Svea, 9-11 June 2022. Photo: Niklas Lindgren, SLU

SLU does not have a centralised function for coordinating visits. Some visits are handled by the Vice-Chancellor's Office, but most are handled directly by the faculty, department, division or researcher concerned.

A visit should always be seen as an opportunity to market SLU. The visit should have a clear purpose, and the programme should be designed with this in mind. To make it easier to decide whether to receive a visitor and for planning purposes, careful consideration should be given to the objectives and expectations of both SLU and the visitor.

The purpose of a visit to SLU may be to

  • consult SLU’s experts;
  • launch or develop cooperation;
  • find out more about SLU’s courses and degree programmes.

The academy stewards at SLU are responsible for all official and prioritised visits to members of the university management. They will also advise other SLU units who organise visits.

Official and prioritised visits include: 

  • heads of state or members of royal families;
  • government and parliament representatives;
  • ambassadors;
  • representatives of international organisations such as the EU or the UN;
  • management representatives of other Swedish or foreign universities;
  • key industry and business representatives.

Decisions on prioritised visits are taken by the university management, who can also decide on or delegate decisions on requests for visits from e.g. researchers, alumni or schools. If you have questions or want to inform management of a request for a visit, contact the academy stewards.