Ull Building Council

Last changed: 10 January 2022

The Ull Building Council is a forum with representatives of the departments, divisions etc in Ulls hus, Undervisningshuset and Inspektorn. The council coordinates tenants' interests in matters concerning technical systems, furnishings and fittings, work environment, and security-, operation-, building- and servicequestions. The council is also the client for the services provided by Service Ull and enters into service agreements for basic service on behalf of all the tenants.

The council has seven members and a student representative and other people who have the right to speak and vote also attend the council's meetings. A list of members, minutes of meetings and the council's rules can be found under the links to the right.

Please feel welcome to contact the Ull Building Council if you have questions or comments concerning how use of the building functions or can be developed.

Instruction and meeting records are available in Swedish.


Members of the House Council Ull:

Lars Johansson

Institutionen för stad och land

Torbjörn Ebenhard

Centrum för biologisk mångfald

Mikaela Lönn

Institutionen för ekonomi

Rebecka Brattlund Hellgren

Studeranderepresentant ULS

Åsa Hjelm


Henrik Hägerström


Malin Jenslin


Torbjörn Andersson

Institutionen för skogsekonomi

Peter Thoren


Pär Aronsson


Övriga deltagare


Helena Melander, tf Facility Manager